Orphans and Vulnerable Children

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Orphans and Vulnerable Children

A country that fails to take care of it’s children, is one without a future. Due to extreme poverty, negligence and effects of HIV/AIDS, many children of the children of Uganda have been abandoned and orphaned. In Bwaise (Uganda’s biggest and dirties slum), almost all the children fall under the category OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) which according to UN standards is characterized by;

  • Orphans
  • Homeless children
  • Children living under extreme poverty
  • Children in child headed homes
  • Children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS

We as AYPD, decided not to just look on. So we decided to start an OVC program called Slum Kids Empowered (SKIE). During school holidays, we organize day training camps for children where we equip them with vocational, leadership and music skills. At the end of the holidays, we also give them back to school packages which include books, toilet papers, sanitary pads, pens, pencils e.t.c. Every…………….., after identifying a the right school, we reach out and teach the children about hygiene, children’s rights, value of education, leadership skills and Godliness. We also give out gifts at the end of the event.

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